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Ways the railway offers a route to wellbeing

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Destination Wellbeing is an original project developed by the Year in Industry students working with Northern Trains Ltd. and the Leeds-Morecambe Community Rail Partnership during 2022/23.

The project highlights different ways in which the railway offers a route to wellbeing. Five selected stations, which are all accessible via the Bentham Line, offer gateways to a broad range of activities that can help support your wellbeing.

The captivating artwork, by Alastair Nicholson, emphasises the positive relationship between various activities and personal wellbeing.
For each of the five Bentham Line locations, there is a suggested itinerary to use as inspiration for a day out.

Following the suggested itineraries could help you feel more positive, strengthen your sense of purpose, and allow you to feel more in control.

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Embracing Culture – Immersing yourself in a vibrant cultural environment and sampling a variety of local arts makes for a meaningful experience. Leeds is a city that proudly celebrates its abundance of culture and welcomes all communities that visit.

Exploring our Heritage can lead to a greater sense of purpose. Now designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Saltaire is a model village built during the mid 19th century that represents a philanthropic and paternalistic approach to industrial development.

Getting Active can help you manage stress and anxiety, improve your sleep, and release ‘feel-good’ hormones. Whether you choose a relaxed stroll through the village or a trek to reach Ingleborough summit, Clapham is the perfect starting point for a range of walking (and cycling) routes in the Yorkshire Dales.

Reconnecting with Friends – Spending time with people that you love is important for your wellbeing; it can relieve stress and anxiety and make you feel closer to others. Lancaster – a relaxed, yet quirky city with a fascinating past – offers an ideal opportunity to explore, spend time and reconnect with friends and family.

The Great Outdoors – Bringing nature into your everyday life, by spending time in natural environments, can benefit both your mental and physical wellbeing. Experience breath-taking sunsets and discover the natural landscapes of Morecambe Bay, stretching from the south west coast of Cumbria to Fleetwood in Lancashire.

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About the itineraries

You can download each of the destinations as a separate PDF file below.


Destination Wellbeing page – Leeds



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Easily reachable from most of the country, boasting direct links to London, Birmingham, Manchester, York, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

The Bentham Line links Leeds to Lancaster, with seven services running from Lancaster to Leeds Monday to Saturday and six from Leeds to Lancaster.

There are five services each way on Sunday.


Destination Wellbeing page – Saltaire



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Served by frequent local electric services from Leeds and Bradford Forster Square every half-hour on Monday to Saturday, and every hour on Sunday.

Trains take you from the heart of Leeds and Bradford to this UNESCO World Heritage Site in under 20 minutes!

From Lancaster, hop on any Leeds-bound train and make an easy same-platform change at Bingley.


Destination Wellbeing page – Clapham



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Is at the heart of the Bentham Line and is served by direct trains from Lancaster and Leeds.

Monday to Saturday, there are eight trains each way from/to Lancaster, six from Leeds to Clapham and seven from Clapham to Leeds, with five trains each way on Sunday.

Travelling from Bradford, make an easy change in Shipley or Bingley.


Destination Wellbeing page – Lancaster



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Well-served by trains on the West Coast Main Line, connecting London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool with Edinburgh and Glasgow via the Lake District.

The Bentham Line connects Lancaster to Leeds, with six trains running from Leeds to Lancaster, Monday to Saturday, and seven from Lancaster to Leeds.

There are five services each way on Sunday. To travel from Bradford, make an easy change in Shipley or Bingley.


Destination Wellbeing page – Morecambe



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Lies at the western end of the Bentham Line and is only 10 minutes from Lancaster, with trains running between the two roughly every half hour.

Five direct trains run from Leeds to Morecambe each way Monday to Sunday and a sixth service, Monday to Saturday, requires a change in Lancaster.

To travel from Bradford, make an easy change in Shipley or Bingley.

Further Information

The Year-in-Industry Students 2022-23:
Samuel Bellhouse, Archie Brook, Ibrahim Choudhury, David Frankal, Hamish Glithero, Adam Houghton, Adam Lavin, Patrick Mullarkey, Jasdeep Panesar, Bethany Solway and Benjamin Trill.

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Leeds –
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For full details of journeys, timings of services and to purchase tickets visit:

The Bentham Line Community Rail Partnership

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