Sheep on the Line

A Grand Day Out to the Seaside

Sheep on the Line

A Grand Day Out to the Seaside

A Grand Day Out book
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‘A Grand Day Out to the Seaside’ is an original story created by the Year in Industry students working with Northern and the Leeds-Morecambe Community Rail Partnership during 2019/20.

It is a development of the ‘Sheep on the Line’ project, which focuses on railway safety, taking place on the Bentham Line.

The story and its characters have been developed to introduce rail travel and rail safety, and the Bentham Line, to a young audience; the travellers of the future.

We hope you enjoy the story and will make your own picturesque journey to the seaside.

The Students: Oliver Anderson, Tatham Eves, Charlotte Harris, Alex Kerr, Sze Kok, Hugo MacFadyen, Jean-Marc Otamonga, Curtis Roach, Aobh Sharvin, Caswell Sparks and Ethan Worthington

The Illustrator: Alastair Nicholson

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