Trains of The Bentham Line

Hello and welcome to the trains of the Bentham line video.

This is the typical type of train used for journeys on the Bentham line, a class 158 unit.

There’s an accessible area in the middle of the train, which you can find using the light blue wheelchair stickers above the train doors.

Once you board the train you can see the accessible toilet. This door can be opened by pressing the button circled here.

There are grab handles and call for assistance points in the toilet if you need them. The accessible toilet also has baby changing facilities.

Each train has space for two wheelchairs in the accessible area. Priority seats and help points are here for anyone who needs them.

In the other carriage there is a bike storage area, complete with racks and flip down seats.

Behind the bike storage area there is a luggage rack for larger items. Smaller pieces of luggage can be stored under seats or in the overhead racks.

There are information screens above the aisles. Bright yellow grab handles can help standing passengers or those walking down the carriage.

Doors are also found at the front and back of the carriage. These lead to the exit doors.

Other types of trains also operate on the Bentham line, between Leeds and Bradford, Skipton and Ilkley. This is a class 333 train.

This is a class 331 train, which also operates between Leeds and Bradford, Skipton and Ilkley.

This is a class 156 train, which operates between Lancaster and Morecambe or Heysham Port.

The interiors of Northern’s trains are very similar. If you need help please talk to our friendly conductors.

Thank you for watching our 360 video tour. We hope you enjoy your journey on the Bentham line.