Get Nature Back on Track

A collection of posters highlighting important ‘green energy’ issues and sustainability ideas.

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Get Nature Back on Track

Get Nature Back on Track exhibition

Each academic year Northern set out to support approximately 10 Year in Industry students from universities across the North of England, with work experience in a variety of managerial roles across the company.

Northern are keen for these second-year students to gain experience of a wide variety of aspects of the rail industry, in particular a community approach to railways. For the third year in succession the students have joined the Leeds-Morecambe Community Rail Partnership, on the Bentham Line, to bring their valuable ideas to fruition along our route.

Officers from the partnership first met with the students in person in October 2020, prior to the winter’s covid challenges, and subsequently met via video call on a twice-per-month basis.

The ‘Get Nature Back on Track’ project is a series of panels and posters, along with a short animated film. The panels reflect the students’ keen interest in important ‘green energy’ issues and sustainability ideas, as the world places greater importance on tackling greenhouse gas emissions and the resulting global warming.

The project and the associated characters have been developed by the students to appeal to a wide ranging audience of all ages. However, the film is particularly designed for a younger audience. The panels and animation echo local, national and worldwide sustainability issues and offer simple ideas to improve a variety of situations.

An exhibition of the students work was held at the Carnforth Station Heritage centre in June 2021 to display the 9 striking pieces of artwork and the film, which the students created alongside a professional artist. It also provided an opportunity to thank the students for their strong commitment throughout the year.

We hope you enjoy the posters, take on the challenge of seeking out the panels at the stations along the Bentham Line and make use of the tips and advice offered within your business or family. Watch out for the exhibition at stations along the line too.

The students: Elliot Bateson, Molly Baulcombe, Cora Hayne, Isabelle Holgate, Sophie Lambert, Dominic Martin, Matt Rayson, Jemimah Smith and Sarah Stevenette.

The Illustrator: Alastair Nicholson.

Get Nature Back on Track Posters

Posters are on display at stations along The Bentham Line and can be viewed using these links. Watch out for the exhibition at stations along the line too.

Air Pollution Poster teaser

Air Pollution

Download Poster here
Biodiversity Poster teaser


Download Poster here
Climate Change Poster teaser

Climate Change

Download Poster here
Recycling Poster


Download Poster here
Reforestation Poster


Download Poster here
Renewable Energy Poster teaser

Renewable Energy

Download Poster here
Waste Management Poster teaser

Waste Management

Download Poster here
Water Management Poster teaser

Water Management

Download Poster here
Wild Flowers Poster teaser

Wild Flowers

Download Poster here

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