Welcome back to The Bentham Line

Alongside national campaigns by Rail Operators, the Leeds-Morecambe Community Rail Partnership (LMCRP) has launched their own promotional video for the Bentham Line, as the route is known, and encourage people to return to rail travel.

Gerald Townson, Chairman of the LMCRP said: “We wished to support communities along the Bentham Line in making a positive return to their local line, as well as encouraging new audienc-es to enjoy journeys along our scenic route.”

This video was made possible by the CRP successfully securing a grant from the Community Engagement Fund of CrossCountry Trains.

Entitled ‘We’ve Missed You Too …’ the video is based around the theme of City, Countryside and Coast and encapsulates the entire route from Leeds via Skipton to Lancaster and More-cambe. Narrated by Gerald, the video offers a warm, welcoming message to enjoy travelling on the route again, complemented by film of the line, which includes new drone footage of Craven, the Lune Valley and at Morecambe.

Gerald added, “the CRP thought it important to offer a much more personal message, which has been combined with new film material from along the line”. The video was produced by i-Creation Ltd. to showcase the diverse communities and culture to be discovered between Leeds and Morecambe.

To coincide with the relaxation if pandemic restrictions, including those on rail travel, the video was launched last month and can be viewed on the CRP’s website and YouTube.

Images show:

Gerald Townson as seen on the video

The front page of the Bentham Line website